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The engine of your car is an intricate and complex machine. Engine oil can become dirty due to dirt particles building up on the driveway, or even just sitting in a pool for hours at time; this will damage essential parts like bearings which may lead towards more expensive repairs later down the line if left unchecked (due). When you get tuned-up by professionals such as our Mobile Auto Technicians here in Indianapolis they'll check many different things related with fuel efficiency like replacing filters when necessary as well perform diagnostics that help us improve performance overall.

It's not just parts that are dirty, even tire can hold unwanted materials that will degrade overall performance. Many people forget to change the air filter and oil filter, and sometimes even forget to change and replace brake pads when necessary (im). For the best service in town it's easy to rely on Mobile Mechanic Pros.


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Ignition System

he Most Important Part of Your Car! Who would have thought that the most important part in your car could be so difficult and complicated to replace? Ignitions can cause fires if they're not working properly, but don't worry because we've got all sorts of guides for you on how easy it is. And when those components start wearing down or breaking apart from constant sparking each time there's an electrical short circuit (which happens more than anyone wants), any one will do just fine - as long as someone gets out alive with no engine power whatsoever...

Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs are the key to a smooth ride. They make sure your engine runs efficiently and can tell when it's time for them get replaced because their performance will decrease over many miles, sometimes they stop working altogether! In order do keep up with tune ups at appropriate intervals though you need an expert technician who knows what he/she should be doing in respect of spark plug replacement on each individual type model vehicle so don't wait until there’s no choice left - contact our service department today!

Ignition Wires

One of the most overlooked parts in your car is ignition wires. They can break down with time and if not replaced correctly, this will result into a cylinder that doesn't fire at all; giving off an engine rough sound like it's trying spark out of sync even though you aren't experiencing any actual sparks from these different gauges being mismatched together (thin red wire goes to thick yellow).

Distributor Cap & Rotor (if applicable)

The distributor cap and rotor are what allow for contact with metal points, which then in turn provide electricity down wires. The high-speed arm on top of this distributor caps is what allows it to make sparks fly through an engine at its highest possible rate!


Filters are crucial to the performance of your car's engine because they prevent dirt, oil and other harmful particles from entering the ventilation system. If these filters become clogged then you will experience reduced fuel efficiency or worse yet- no airflow at all!

Air Filter- prevents carbon particles that enter into an enclosed space within another sealed portion right away only once before beingmph away again - inside another part following shortly thereafte. This second type- the

Oil Filter - is capable of removing contaminants and preventing them from entering your engine's oil supply which can cause damage to critical components such as bearings and gears, sometimes even requiring an entire rebuild!

PCV Valve, Belts, Fluids, Battery

One of the most common issues with engines comes from carbon build up in your PCV Valve. The positive crankcase valve can become clogged over time and this will lead too much oil usage by our cars as well excessive air/fuel ratios being richer than normal! We at Indianapolis Tune Up car cares about making sure every system inside an vehicle performs optimally so we check belts during tune ups just like fluids levels which are usually checked monthly or quarterly depending on what type you have installed (4 wheel drive vehicles need them changes more often then others).

We also recommend that everyone has their timing belt replaced when they replace either pulleys under hood due to risk involved shouldering heavy objects onto other components while crankshaft rotation speeds increase dramatically if not timed right.

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Then, there's your battery - something tells us that you're more likely to get rid of this as soon as possible by replacing it with a brand new one however, having the best quality battery year after year is vital for your car's performance.

It's not surprising that batteries wear out in Indianapolis, because of how hot it gets here and the typically dry climate. They only last an average two years on Indianapolis! So when you are thinking about getting new ones make sure to buy with 3-5 year warranties so if yours die tomorrow or next week then maybe there is one at home waiting for your old unit to be replaced!

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