Garfield Park

Garfield Park is an incredible piece of nature located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It encompasses over 200 acres and is home to various wildlife and activities for locals and visitors. The park dates back to 1881 when local business owners donated their land for public use and recreation. Now, you can flock to the park for its diverse array of activities.

Here are some of them:


Hiking is one of the main draws to Garfield Park. The grounds are filled with trails that meander through woodlands, creeks, and open fields, offering breathtaking views along the way. It's also an excellent place for bird-watching and wildlife photography. In addition, you can bring your dog for a walk or explore the nature center for more insight into local flora and fauna.


Gardening aficionados will appreciate the incredible variety of outdoor gardens at Garfield Park. There are four large gardens, including a perennial garden, an herb garden, a rose garden, and a butterfly garden. It also has numerous beds of colorful flowers dotting the land. You can even rent plots in community gardens to grow your own vegetables!


Garfield Park is a great spot for sports enthusiasts. There are five baseball fields, two softball fields, three soccer fields, and four tennis courts. You can even rent boats and paddle the banks of the White River nearby.

While here, make sure also to check out the Garfield Park Arts Center. It's a hub for local artists and galleries, offering painting, sculpting, and other visual arts classes.

Wildlife Encounter

Garfield Park is home to various birds, mammals, and reptiles. You might spot deer or coyotes roaming the grounds if you're lucky. There are also plenty of bird-watching opportunities waiting to be discovered.


If you have small children, they can play in the large playground, complete with slides, swings, and monkey bars. Let them explore the playground and interactive fountain, where they can splash around in the warm weather.

Picnics & Barbecues

The park also has plenty of places to enjoy a peaceful picnic or family barbecue during warm weather. There are large pavilions where you can set up your grill and tables for eating in the shade. Bring your own supplies, as the park needs to provide them.

Garfield Park is an incredible place for outdoor fun and recreation. Whether you want to hike, explore local gardens, or play sports, you can find something that fits your needs.

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